Situation Understood

Each study of situation is how a refreshed stack of cards are dealt.
Although it has changes due to reshuffling, fundamentals remain the same.
Knowing the changes can-be and the changes can’t-be.

Making Decisions

When one is deciding on or choosing a selection for oneself, consider effects that are positive for everyone but no just for oneself because everyone includes oneself and everybody else.

May I have a dance?

Everyone can dance, and dancing is a beautiful thing, is it not?

Everyone is able, and able to do things is a beautiful thing, is it not?

Everyone is born free, fair and freedom for everyone is a beautiful thing, is it not?

I Walk

I am a walker, I walk and walk.

I walk looking for meaning;

I walk thinking of understanding;

I walk seeing the beacon at the other end of the tunnel.

Beat COVID-19

I live the lifestyle I pick.

The real heart, the real me.

Be myself, be me.

Refresh, Restart


Be Positive, Be Energetic

Look up high, I always climb.

Value is the essence in our soul, our soul is in our heart.

Take the problems, work the solutions, enjoy divine sensations.

I do what I can, I do the best I can.

Look Up

When feeling unjust and hopeless, look up to the blue sky, because looking down from up there, everyone is ultimately the same and always hoping.

If what

If what I say is not heard,
if what I help is not wanted,
if what I offer is not taken,
if what I give is not appreciated,
it’s alright, I’ll just live on.
















Whom I Can Trust

Who can I trust? The age-less question that may have no answer.

See a little further regardless, ponder a little more despite of,

value the moment continuously, enjoy the jubilation with family and friends.

That’s whom I can trust!


If It Hadn’t

If it hadn’t been down, how would it be up?

If it hadn’t been less, how would it be more?

If it hadn’t been out, how would it be in?

If it hadn’t been small, how would it be big?

If it hadn’t been wrong, how would it be right?

If it hadn’t been bad, how would it be good?

So, how’s good or bad?

What’s right or wrong?

Can you tell me?

Why don’t we just do what humanity tells us to do?

rediscover me

I have rediscovered me.

As a photographer, I take what I see, how I see.

As a writer, I write what I think, how I think.

As a pianist, I play what I feel, how I feel.

Hey There

Hey there, “What would you do for love?”

Nothing special.

I’ll be happy for just about everything.

Well, then, “What would you do for happiness?”

Just be happy!


I am a great self-entertainer.

That is, I am good at entertaining myself.

Would it make me a showman then?

But then what would I show for myself if I were the self-showman?

Could I be the great showman?

What could I do?

What could I do if I was afraid of speaking my mind?

What could I do if I was afraid of speaking my feelings?

Why were you afraid of speaking your mind and your feelings?

Because no one listens to me when I speak my mind and feelings.





June 4

I have an awakening today.

The awakening is, Life is Zero.

Zero might mean nothing, but it also means everyone ends at beginning, nothing lost and nothing gained.

For this, I would like to give thanks to the sacrifice on June 4, 1989, because we gained memories at their lost.

This is my tribute to the June 4th sacrifice for their bravery and their contribution with their own unnaturally shortened zero.


Truthfulness keeps us at the safest at all time.

Truthfulness maintains life at it’s naturality at all time.

Truthfulness prevents wars by human at all time.

Truthfulness demands one is true to oneself in order for the above three functions to work.

How does one true to oneself?

True to oneself is that one truly admits what’s right and what’s wrong.

True to oneself is that it’s not right to kill to keep oneself alive.

True to oneself is that it’s not right to take from others for the benefits of oneself.

True to oneself is that it’s not right to be a tyrant to dictate others for the satisfaction of oneself.

True to oneself is that human rights must be respected.

Who will help me?

No one will help me except I will help me.

I’ve always wanted to help others, then

I realized that it’s me that needed help.

I decided I would help me.

I am

I am American. I am Chinese. I am Hong Kong Chinese.

I am Chinese American. I am Asian Chinese. I am Hong Kong Chinese. I am USA Chinese.

I am alien. I am contrary. I am failure.

I am old. I am young in mind. I am weak.

I am small. I am unknown. I am unsuccessful.

I am explosive. I am ordinary.

Well, any who, I am me.

Thank You

Thank You for being a good wife, contrast by your sisters and brothers, I’m so glad that you’re my wife.

Thank You for being a good son, contrast by your two cousins from my side, I’m so glad that you’re my son.

Psychology drives

Psychology drives.

Psychology manipulates.

Psychology controls.

The 7th grade cross-country teacher said ‘You all have completed the better level of the others.’

Positive Psychology

Motivating Always

Good Job Done

I’m empowered.

I am empowered with past failure.

I am empowered with past hardship.

I am empowered with past difficulties.

I am empowered with past unfortunate.

I am empowered with past mistakes.

I am empowered with past fear.

The empowerment with past experiences fuels me to reach my full potential.

I’ve got to……

I’ve got a full life ahead of me,

I’ve got my family to love,

I’ve got people to help,

I’ve got places to go,

I’ve got things to do,

I’ve got music to play,

I’ve got moment of life to capture.

infinite creativity

creativity is extension

creativity is multiple solutions

creativity is multiple perspectives

creativity is multiple thoughts

creativity is multiple ways of actions for the same purpose

creativity is multiple ways to the same destination

creativity is multiple selections

creativity is multiple choices

creativity is infinite

My Heart Tells Me Who I Am


I don’t have to speak out aloud,

I don’t have to speak of it,

I don’t have to express the view,

I don’t have to tell,

I am what my heart tells me because it makes me happy to be who I am;

I am a loner.

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Say ‘I am sorry.’

Say ‘Rest in peace.’

It’s continuing.

It’s taking choices.

It’s forgive but not forgotten.

說一聲 ‘對不起’

說一聲 ‘安息吧’

過後.  是延續











良心為之:  幫, 救, 情, 義, 真誠, 正義, 寬大, 健康



隻身持理活                                                          奔放無邊限

逆爭續激侵                                                          隨風任意走

思靜見曙光                                                          不攜怨恨言

純真穩實保                                                           宇宙瀟灑行

What is it?


What’s left when you take out the blurry hazy cloud and the extravagant overly intertwined glittering lights?

It is the intended wastefully monetary investing unfinished works in the darkness!


以水為生  以土為坐  以風為行  以靜為思  以暗為見  以心為主

break the superficial

then rise


What makes me?



They are the Element Complications.

They are my values.

That makes me.

It’s Never Ever Enough


It’s never ever enough of getting the good things.

But it’s always continuing.

You never ever have to stop getting the good things.

You never ever have to stop making the good things possible.

So, what’s never ever enough of getting the good things?

Just keep moving onward.

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forward going

forward going

It’s always that song I would write.

It’s always that story I would publish.

It’s always that moment I would capture in a photo.

It’s always that resolution/methodology I would have for more effective work.

It’s always that drive I would make things better.

It’s always that thought I would have to keep going forward.

Countless Possibilities and Exploration


Creativity is Countless Possibilities.

Countless Possibilities require Exploration.

To create requires practice to explore BUT NOT repetition of previous creation.

My Piano and My Camera are My Tools for Creativity.

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孤 者 霧 濃 蹈 泥 走      霧 混 惘 迷 惟 孤 清

欲 嘗 溝 享 思 意 想      靜 默 祇 聽 孤 者 聲

孤 者 愣 然 從 自 問      誰 寢 惘 夢 誰 醒 悟

非 必 辨 定 能 或 不      豈 能 判 別 正 或 錯

難 斷 正 錯 能 與 否      因 為 意 想 不 轉 改

惟 讓 心 帶 指 引 路      持 著 純 心 人 生 行

I Am Happy

i am happy

I am happy with what I have been having.

I am happy with what have been happening to me.

I am happy with how I have been taking shape.

No room for self-pity. No regrets. No complaints. 

This is what I am.

what i am

I create like an artist.

I build like an engineer.

I understand like a scientist.

I keep up like a sportsman.

I walk like everyone else.

I have my values like I always do.

to win


Not only to

                    win over others;

      also to

                 win over myself,

              is then

                            the true winning.


it is revolving about its center core axis;

what is it?

do you see it is in reverse? it is not, it’s revolving;

it’s everything; it is time

The Ultimate Mission

The mission is to understand the plausible.

The effort is to make possible from the impossible.

The reward is making probable among the non-probable.

The ultimate is to understand the non-understood.

play god


   I can only be my own god. I can only play god to myself.

   When matters get out of my hand and I’m not 100% certain, I wouldn’t want my opinion and belief turn out to be the outcome result.

   But I am entitled to my own rights all to myself.

My Capturings

I shall see love, hate, peace, violence, wonders, heroism, selfishness, egotistical, arrogance, generosity, happiness, despair, bravery, beauty, cowardness through the viewer of my camera.

look at fear both at its good and at its bad as well, whenever

both good fear and bad fear could be working for you


nothing would be a personal conflict if . . .

winning over . . .

the Condition . the Attitude . the Wisdom .

every time regardless the physical outcome of winning or losing

end = new = end

end = new = end

time cut exactly in the middle of new

time has NO physical duration; time is a concept born in people




What do I believe?

Do I believe true value would prevail?

Do I believe lopsided economy would prevail?

Do I believe ‘nature’ economy would return to nature?

I do not believe to presume others would only do the improperness.

I do believe minimum but needed guiding supervision.

Change takes patience and trust.

I believe in my own preset non-christian missionary direction.


life origin

optimism is life origin and also

     is                dynamic living

                                Yeah?              Yeah!


it’s what it is – just as nature

係咁架啦- 好似大自然咁

I’m what I am – he’s what he is – she’s what she is – just as nature

我係咁架啦 – 他係咁架啦 – 她係咁架啦 – 好似大自然咁

let it be

let it be how the mature has matured;

let it be how one’s rights has shaped one’s behavior;

let it be how one’s innate traits has moulded oneself;

let it be how one’s intelligence has led one’s action;

I shall be able to see all these ‘let it be’ to help resolute as turning the bad effects to mutual benefits.

i wish

   i wish i could still see

   i wish i could still hear

   i wish i could still feel

   i wish i could still think

   i would still open and extend my arms to embrace

The Thought

It’s not the dream that I have.

I have the thought.

If you wonder, it’s a good thing;

But if you wonder you have a dream, well then, my friend, I have the thought.

psychology drives

Psychology drives.

Psychology manipulates.

Psychology controls.

The 7th grade cross country teacher said you all have completed the better level of others.

Positive Psychology

Motivating Alwasys

Good Job Done!



 Tough Effort was for the picked flowers today 。Tomorrow what will perish is today’s picked flowers。


Why were the flowers picked today? We have accepted this is the way living has been ever since.

True Answer


The True Answer is NOT  ‘Yes’  or  ‘No’

The True Answer is to REINFORCE and CONFIRM your RIGHTEOUSNESS in your state of mind

心 – heart




they are not to be read – not to be told – not to be interpreted – they are meant to be there inside you

I Act Upon My Heart

I act upon my heart;

I act upon my heart with the most thorough analytical consideration;

I act upon my heart with the fundamental values which I always have;

I act upon my heart base on the most essential ethics which has been truly built inside me ever since;

I act upon my heart expecting all outcomes even with the mostly unexpected;

I act upon my heart, simply, purely, most humanly.


I have the Calendar 。I have the Plan 。Simple 。

Feel it 。 Be Part of it 。 Be With it 。 Live it 。 Influence it 。 Give Love to it 。

。Moving On 。

Nature create earth, people destroy earth;

The belief of God did not create people, people created the belief of God;

Evolution creates People


  • let’s change;

  • let’s disengage myself from the old temperament;

  • let’s liberate;Dad and me! What's Dad going

While I’m at it,

  • do the best I can do

  • be the best I can be

  • give the best effort I could give

  • work the hardest I could work

  • bring out all possible truthfulness

          Don’t Stop

                    Don’t Give Up

                              The Best of Time is Awaiting

To be an Enigma is being Actively Creative and Madly In Love with Life

If I had not traveled the previous roads, I would not be heading on today’s roads.

be a friend, respect the freedom among friends, be a life-long partner



strong heart

simplest nature

deepest pure

network linked connection



trek, experience, my own characteristics, my own style, no shame, no fear

Say what? Do what?

speak out the true benefits of the truth courageously, need not to criticize

act upon the true benefits of the sincerity naturally, need not to dramatize

do them, it is invincible

feel to explore or explore to feel

feel the energy

feel the opportunity

feel the time

feel the forward onward-going

feel the health

just feel


explore the new

explore the needed

explore the possibility

explore the better

explore the continuation

just explore

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Good people are not heard.  Good things are not seen.  Good reasons are not understood.  Good practices are not carried out.  Good work is not done.

Ethics is not brought out.  Ethics is not applied.

Good people will never be heard.  Good things will never be seen.  Good reasons will never be understood.  Good practices will never be carried out.  Good work will never be done.

Ethics will never be brought out.  Ethics will never be applied.japan 1s

But after all,

Goodness and ethics prevail.

Goodness and ethics will triumph among all.

This Is Me

japan 2s

I respect what I have;

I respect where I am;

I respect when & how I do;

I respect with what I have at where I am of when and how I do;

I am happy of me;

@ where I stand now …

Let my intelligence guide me and respect my own natural reaction & reflex.

I don’t need to be at the extremes although I should maintain the positively motivated and effectiveness needed resentment & anger for any outrageously unfair absurdity.

I need to remember I am in total control of myself and I am still free to influence and apply myself over issues I believe to be affirmative above all because it is the right things to do, it is all missionary and humane.

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Myself Management (MM)

We are the people who keep our words.

I’ve got 5 on one hand; I’ve got 5 on another;

I would have 5 + 5 = 55 on both to support myself to MOVE FORWARD.


appreciate the current; take advantage of what I’ve gotten; let my intelligence guide me

in the sea of DIFFERENCES, adaptation for living is the realization of such differences and rendering solutions to it;


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IMG_5602 A perfect situation is the end.

My learning is life-long on-going.

My work is continuously operational.

Both my learning and my work would not reach the perfect situation.

Respect Nature.

Respect What were bestowed upon you.

                   Search Your Soul; Search Your Thoughts;

Aptitude is Intelligence; Resilience is Skill; Vision is Power; Perseverance is Effort; Stamina is Energy; Vigor is Strength;

Everyone has the right to survive and live. Just live with the right mind and a good heart.

One will never run out of things to do as one’s mind provides continuing ideas; and pre-planning provides the excitement of action.

moments captured keeps the family together

A43P2563m1for the best of time

for the sweetest of time

we’re all gathered to celebrate the happiest of time

* * * * * *

simple      &         real

Have You Ever Been Told

Have you ever been told that I love you when we are there?

Have you ever been told that I miss you when we are apart?

IMG_1421It’s alright that you haven’t, for if you have, it wouldn’t be a perfect time to tell you now!

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I Want To Help

CIMG0718s Ever since the beginning, we are the children. The beginning of the children is the moment of times which should never be neglected. But there is always a light that will shine on the children and be their guidance from the beginning of time. Although  for sure the children will cry and laugh continuously, or fall down and get up relentlessly, we know they will always move forward. Children have the powerful forces to drive changes required for their growth because they are the continuation of time on earth. Looking into the times yet to come, the children will be ahead to show us the changes and letting us know that they are the bearer of the light torch who is responsible to keep the guidance light on. But for the moment, we can only see the flow of changes and it’s sure that there are many questions in the process. We don’t know all the answers to the questions but for certain I would like to tell you, I want to help the children to change and grow as far front from the beginning to the longest possible extension of time.

a written story

041msthe theme is: live, help, happy *** lively, helping, happy

Life and Living combined is a written story.

we got nothing to lose:

  • continue doing the best one can at the current work, making it successful so that one can branch off to get involved in the charitable helping projects

  • it’s in the written story that one would fold the current work to focus on the charitable helping projects which one has been asking when will one ever start on these charitable helping projects

all those problems are now to become challenges, learning experience, and moving forward

the good thing is: no more anxiety, over-stressedfretting, gloom & doom

so …….  healthier and live longer to do more charitable helping work


not a word of THANKS is ever spoken, but the meaning of appreciation is beyond the spoken sound

in the family, none of the true appreciation is ever needed to be spoken but is carried inside always