Make It Happen

IMG_1240mIMG_1241mNot to be afraid

Assign and Designate work firmly

Speak my mind

Make known of reasonable demands on work

I have no pressure.

I will not submit to pressure because submission to pressure is weak.

Paranoia takes no control on my action and decision making.

I will not be submissive to my enemy which affects my action and cause my failure.

Going under pressure, submission to paranoia, and enemy wanting me to fail will not and cannot manipulate my work in any way possible.

I have a choice.

Nothing is non-resolute.

I am not deterred by the un-surmountable.

I am the core of team spirit and I believe in team work and believe in my team.

I am an educated man.

Therefore, I believe in confronting problems and resolving them with educated solutions.

Therefore, I am strong and carry out my work to resolute and to tackle problems with strength.

I make things happen.IMG_1260m

It’s okay to just do it.

I don’t need to apologize for the good things that I purposefully built.


I will not be deterred nor discouraged by criticism as long as I am critical to myself.