What Are They?

The weak will perish;

The strong will survive;

What would we be?

We can not become weak, can we?

When two systems are different, we must be smart to see the differences, and we must be intelligent to understand the differences, then we must be wise enough to make the choice.

A determination of belief is the engine of the driving force for rendering the ultimatum of that belief.

One’s drive for politically forceful power is for satisfying personal insatiability; One’s hunger for politically forceful power is for satisfying personal desires.

The gaining of forceful political power for one applies suppressive fear to many regular others who are under such power.


If one acts upon one’s very own heart by birth, there’s no right or wrong, it’s only the righteousness;

Religion and Politics are identical ideology which reflects the very nature of the human species that had driven the human behavioral action ever since the origin of the birth of man;IMG_5798m

The fear of death and unknowns, or superstition in any means of conveyance will then disappear base upon the identical terminology of Religion and Politics as one; the very joy of living the true life is then not tempered by fear in any forms but solely being steered from one’s very own heart;