On this Saturday, I take the usual walk in the neighborhood park. There are many many small children and teenagers with their parents and coaches having soccer matches on the grass field.

Without having taken the camera with me, my brains have been joyfully enriched with jam-packed pictorial scenes of this day’s festivity.

I see RESOURCES, everywhere, all over the the grass field in the entire park.

I see parents and coaches exchange offerings of coffees among themselves, I see resources.

I see a father motivating his twin toddlers to walk around the park and play with them intimately on the side benches after the walk, I see resources.

I see a mother giving supportive effort for her child playing on the field by yelling ‘Go, you can do it.’ without breaking for breath while caring for her toddler a far distance from across the grass field, I see resources.

I see a coach preps a small group of very small children for a game of soccer, I see resources.

I see two teenage girl players who are already playing in a match on the field exchange supportive and comforting comments when one player kicks the ball outside the boundary, I see resources.

I see happiness on everyone’s face, adults and children, I see resources.

I see a man explaining how will the dirt and grass on the field affect the speed of the ball, I see resources.

I see a man teaches a few boys who are warming up on the side on techniques, I see resources.

I see there are just as many parents as children playing in the soccer matches, I see resources.

I see non-stop of motivating yelling from the sideline while the matches are being played, I see resources.


As I am the worker of resources preservation for Nature, seeing these resources on this Saturday is the happiest day of my life!