a written story

041msthe theme is: live, help, happy *** lively, helping, happy

Life and Living combined is a written story.

we got nothing to lose:

  • continue doing the best one can at the current work, making it successful so that one can branch off to get involved in the charitable helping projects

  • it’s in the written story that one would fold the current work to focus on the charitable helping projects which one has been asking when will one ever start on these charitable helping projects

all those problems are now to become challenges, learning experience, and moving forward

the good thing is: no more anxiety, over-stressedfretting, gloom & doom

so …….  healthier and live longer to do more charitable helping work


not a word of THANKS is ever spoken, but the meaning of appreciation is beyond the spoken sound

in the family, none of the true appreciation is ever needed to be spoken but is carried inside always