Rushes From The Heart

What do I say?

Life is Simple. Living is Complex. Beginning is Pure. Ending is Unbearable.

I live the life-style I pick.

The Real Heart – The Real Me

I am created just as equal to others.IMG_1255m

Be Myself, Be Me

Refresh – Restart

Be Positive – Be Energetic

Look Up High as I always Climb

Value is the essence in our soul – our soul is in our heart

I do what I can – I do the best I can

take the problems – work the solutions – enjoy divine sensations

I make it happen.

We have it in our heart. We believe in our heart. We do it with our heart. We give from our heart.

Responsible for your action at the time, not after.

One is responsible for the right and the wrong.

Not to brag, Not to boast, but to apply quietly from behind.