A Grip

IMG_8474m*** A grip on Mid-Life:

refresh – restart –do what I can – do the best I can – no fear – I am not afraid — let the past be passed – protect myself – don’t make myself vulnerable – do not overexpose myself – not overly modest – I am smart and able now – no dump head on – appreciation remembered – I have freedom – I have advantage – I have worry-free – move on with my projects – be daring in what I do – deal with reality changes – I have just as much rights as others who live on these two land – play ball psychology remembered – don’t put myself in any weak situation which I don’t need to be responsible and get blame for – there is no ‘second class citizen’ feeling on both places where I make home – the right and healthy belief of ‘let go’ – keep all good nature – be smart to take care of myself and loved ones – use play ball psychology to deal with things – be strong and healthy – I am myself as others are themselves, I can’t change other adults as who they are – if I can’t believe that I am making mistakes (when I am sure that I am right from heart), others won’t believe that they are making mistakes either – give myself no excuses to not go ahead start and do whatever I’d planned out already – it’s time now to start and to do – stop thinking that I am not financially and experienced ready to start – I am now ready to start

play ball psychology – want to beat others but not to be beaten; don’t want to play with someone who is easily beaten yet also don’t want to play with someone who can beat you; good days and bad days; over worry is pressure which is detrimental and will end with bad results and feelings; it’s history when a bad day is over, let it be passed; over concern causes distraction which will end with bad results and bad feelings about not being lucky;

*** The Completeness of living and working with a grip on Mid-Life crisis through the philosophy of the game of tennis

*** the philosophy of playing a game of tennis is all humanization in living and working ***

*** Passive Waiting and Status Quo make no gains but losses; Proactive Planning and Active Go For It make all the gains and winnings ***

Life-long Knowledge (skill) and Life-long Strategic Planning (tactics) – with knowledge (skill) confidently apprehended, need the constant appropriate strategic planning (tactics) to complete the entire Life-long living game – adjusting and making adjustment (don’t forget that to whom I am adjusting will be making the reacting adjustment) – action ßà reaction – how to affect other’s prospective action – how to influence other’s prospective action – how to force other’s prospective action – how to take control of other’s prospective action – clear view on the game plan and look at the game territory from above – plan and make decision on my action – decide how I want to do it and GO TO execute it – know and understand what type of players (partner and opponent) with whom I am playing – plan and make decision on how and where I will take the position – taking the position base on my decision beforehand help me execute as planned and give me better control – know and understand what’s around me

The Complexity of Life yet the Simplicity Within

We all get to choose. Everyone has a choice. I have a choice.