I Am Who I Am

One’s truthfulness and proper attitude need not to be adversely affected by others’ impromptu comments, ill-minded opinion, negative criticism, melancholy personal traits, discriminating personal predilection, and/or unintended prejudice.IMG_8320s

How Do I Lead?

How do I lead (Small)IMG_1609 (Custom)

•My Heart of Goodness •Lead •Ability •keep out of trouble •Wisdom •+ •Knowledge

I believe in myself, but I constantly correct and improve myself.

I tend not to think that one is lost in one’s sense of direction. I tend to think that one is living in the sea of wisdom.

It’s just nice to spend time working for the well beings of others.

Old tricks always work. The oldest trick works the best.

I know so much and yet I have known so little.

Don’t ask where I come from; ask where I am heading.

I believe in practical but missionary.

You have the will, I have the strength, We have the power for action, that’s why we make a team.

I Do What I Can

I do what I can @ I do the best I can;

I am ready because I possess:








bold courage



humble wisdom

I shall take action because I am ready with these elements.

Make It Happen

IMG_1240mIMG_1241mNot to be afraid

Assign and Designate work firmly

Speak my mind

Make known of reasonable demands on work

I have no pressure.

I will not submit to pressure because submission to pressure is weak.

Paranoia takes no control on my action and decision making.

I will not be submissive to my enemy which affects my action and cause my failure.

Going under pressure, submission to paranoia, and enemy wanting me to fail will not and cannot manipulate my work in any way possible.

I have a choice.

Nothing is non-resolute.

I am not deterred by the un-surmountable.

I am the core of team spirit and I believe in team work and believe in my team.

I am an educated man.

Therefore, I believe in confronting problems and resolving them with educated solutions.

Therefore, I am strong and carry out my work to resolute and to tackle problems with strength.

I make things happen.IMG_1260m

It’s okay to just do it.

I don’t need to apologize for the good things that I purposefully built.


I will not be deterred nor discouraged by criticism as long as I am critical to myself.

Blast! Blast! What are you going to do about it?

Blast! Blast! Blast!

You just complain, and complain more!

You just talk, and talk more!

What are you going to do about it?

Have you thought about any solution? Have you thought about any kind of action other than just verbal blasting?

What am I going to do? I just do it! I just do it better and better until it all works!

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A Grip

IMG_8474m*** A grip on Mid-Life:

refresh – restart –do what I can – do the best I can – no fear – I am not afraid — let the past be passed – protect myself – don’t make myself vulnerable – do not overexpose myself – not overly modest – I am smart and able now – no dump head on – appreciation remembered – I have freedom – I have advantage – I have worry-free – move on with my projects – be daring in what I do – deal with reality changes – I have just as much rights as others who live on these two land – play ball psychology remembered – don’t put myself in any weak situation which I don’t need to be responsible and get blame for – there is no ‘second class citizen’ feeling on both places where I make home – the right and healthy belief of ‘let go’ – keep all good nature – be smart to take care of myself and loved ones – use play ball psychology to deal with things – be strong and healthy – I am myself as others are themselves, I can’t change other adults as who they are – if I can’t believe that I am making mistakes (when I am sure that I am right from heart), others won’t believe that they are making mistakes either – give myself no excuses to not go ahead start and do whatever I’d planned out already – it’s time now to start and to do – stop thinking that I am not financially and experienced ready to start – I am now ready to start

play ball psychology – want to beat others but not to be beaten; don’t want to play with someone who is easily beaten yet also don’t want to play with someone who can beat you; good days and bad days; over worry is pressure which is detrimental and will end with bad results and feelings; it’s history when a bad day is over, let it be passed; over concern causes distraction which will end with bad results and bad feelings about not being lucky;

*** The Completeness of living and working with a grip on Mid-Life crisis through the philosophy of the game of tennis

*** the philosophy of playing a game of tennis is all humanization in living and working ***

*** Passive Waiting and Status Quo make no gains but losses; Proactive Planning and Active Go For It make all the gains and winnings ***

Life-long Knowledge (skill) and Life-long Strategic Planning (tactics) – with knowledge (skill) confidently apprehended, need the constant appropriate strategic planning (tactics) to complete the entire Life-long living game – adjusting and making adjustment (don’t forget that to whom I am adjusting will be making the reacting adjustment) – action ßà reaction – how to affect other’s prospective action – how to influence other’s prospective action – how to force other’s prospective action – how to take control of other’s prospective action – clear view on the game plan and look at the game territory from above – plan and make decision on my action – decide how I want to do it and GO TO execute it – know and understand what type of players (partner and opponent) with whom I am playing – plan and make decision on how and where I will take the position – taking the position base on my decision beforehand help me execute as planned and give me better control – know and understand what’s around me

The Complexity of Life yet the Simplicity Within

We all get to choose. Everyone has a choice. I have a choice.